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December 2014 Employee of the Month: Kwasi Sarkodie

Nutrition Services Director Liz Fochtman, CDM, CFPP, congratulates December 2014 Employee of the Month Kwasi Sarkodie

Dietary Aide Kwasi Sarkodie is Maryville’s December 2014 Employee of the Month.

Originally from Ghana, where he worked as a driver, Kwasi Sarkodie came to the United States in January of 2011. He joined the Maryville staff in June 2012.

Kwasi enjoys working hard and takes great pride in his work. Teamwork is very important to him.


He lives with his 12-year-old son, Joseph, and describes himself as someone with a lot of energy. In his spare time, he likes to ride bikes and play soccer.

His colleagues describe him as extremely dependable and note that he works well independently and with his team.

Congratulations to Kwasi Sarkodie: Maryville’s December 2014 Employee of the Month!


November 2014 Employee of the Month: Paige Turnland

Nursing Director Delores Focht (right) congratulates November 2014 Employee of the Month Paige Turnland

Paige Turnland, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in our east unit, is Maryville’s November 2014 Employee of the Month.

A graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in English, Paige is pursuing a career in nursing. She joined Maryville in June 2013.

A native of St. Paul, Minnesota, Paige says she enjoys “interacting with patients and residents” and “could not ask to be part of a better team.” She adds, “Every day brings a new sense of excitement on the job.”

Resident Care Manager (RCM) Shalane Free said, “Paige is caring and compassionate and a great team player. The residents on our unit love her, and we are fortunate to have her as part of our team.”

In her time away from Maryville, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and exploring the “Oregon and everything the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer.”

Paige adds, “At Maryville, you can feel the warmth and love radiating throughout the hallways. We are here to laugh, have fun, and make everyone’s lives – including the lives of our staff – a bit more enjoyable while providing the highest quality of care. It is those two components combined that, I believe, truly put Maryville ahead of the rest.”


October 2014 Employee of the Month: Marghot Estrella

Marghot Estrella: October 2014 Employee of the Month

Marghot Estrella, a Certified Medication Aide (CMA) at Maryville, has been honored as October 2014 Employee of the Month.

Originally from El Salvador, Marghot came to the United States about 35 years ago. She first joined Maryville in 2002. After a brief time away, she returned in 2004. This year marks her 10th anniversary.

Her mother was a registered nurse, inspiring Marghot to pursue a career in caring for others.

To Marghot, service at Maryville “is more than just giving medication to residents.” She “loves to care for them.” It’s what inspires her, she says.

A dedicated mother, Marghot has two sons (both grown) and four grandchildren.

Fluent in English and Spanish, she teaches CPR and First Aid for the Red Cross in her free time.

A colleague wrote, “Marghot is excellent with communication. She ensures everything is done correctly. She is kind and sweet to the residents. She will do whatever is needed or asked of her. She is flexible, precise and a team player.”

Marghot says Maryville feels like home to her because she “loves the residents” and her co-workers.

Congratulations to Marghot Estrella: October 2014 Employee of the Month.

Video bonus: Marghot Estrella is surprised by her colleagues as she is named Maryville Employee of the Month.


September 2014 Employee of the Month: Galiziu Waters

Originally from Lima, Peru, Galiziu Waters became a registered nurse because she “likes to help people.” She worked in a Catholic health care facility in Peru and enjoyed participating in the daily prayer. One of the many things she likes about Maryville is that it promotes Catholic values in providing health care services.

Galiziu joined Maryville in December 2013. “She is fabulous,” a colleague wrote. “She has kept our unit running for appointments, putting in orders, and so many other things. The nurses would be lost without her. The RCMs would be completely lost without her. She is passionate about her work, demonstrating professionalism, integrity and knowledge.”

Director of Nursing Delores Focht (left) congratulates Employee of the Month Galiziu Waters

Galiziu has been married for two years. She and her husband, Ryan, enjoy walking, hiking, movies and eating out. She loves to sing and was in a church choir in Peru.

She also enjoys travel. She is inspired by the Japanese culture and her husband recently surprised her with a trip to Japan.

Galiziu feels fortunate to be working at Maryville and believes that God laid this plan for her.


August 2014 Employee of the Month: Kyla Hendershott

Maryville Employee of the Month Kyla Hendershot

Our August 2014 Employee of the Month has a passion for health care and for photography and art.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Kyla Hendershott works with residents who have memory loss. She worked as a caregiver in assisted living for five years prior to joining Maryville in March 2013. She hopes to one day become a pharmacy technician.

Born in Roseburg, Kyla did her CNA studies at Portland Community College after receiving her high school diploma from Portland’s Arts and Communication Magnet Academy, where she focused on drawing, painting and photography. She still enjoys drawing and painting – and crafts – and says she stayed up late to get photos of the July lightning storm that came through our region.

Her supervisor writes that Kyla is “very responsible, a hard worker and good to work with.” Kyla says she enjoys her job “because of the residents she cares for and because of her co-workers.”

An interesting fact about Kyla: she says she cannot whistle or snap her fingers. She has a sweet tooth and admits, with a smile, “I can be easily persuaded with cookies and ice cream.”

Congratulations to Kyla Hendershott: Maryville Employee of the Month.


July 2014 Employee of the Month: Ashley Graber

Maryville Employee of the Month Ashley Graber (left) is congratulated by Resident Care Manager Linda Hopkins, R.N.

She’s always willing to help out and always has a smile on her face.

That’s how colleagues describe Ashley Graber, named Employee of the Month for July 2014.

Ashley is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who floats between service in the West wing and West Annex. She joined the Maryville staff last April.

Ashley, who has two young daughters, enjoys camping and fishing in her spare time.

Her colleagues say that Ashley ensures that residents are well cared for. They say she is willing to do what is asked of her and always does it well.

Most of all, says Resident Care Manager (RCM) Linda Hopkins, R.N., Ashley cares deeply about Maryville residents and her colleagues on the Maryville staff.

Congratulations to Ashley Graber: Maryville Employee of the Month.


June 2014 Employee of the Month: Jacob Anderson

Jacob Anderson, Maryville Employee of the Month

Since Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Jacob Anderson joined Maryville in Sept. 2013, his colleagues have praised his work and his caring nature with residents.

On June 5, they made it official – naming him Employee of the Month.

A native of DeKalb, Georgia, Jacob received training in culinary arts and CNA but chose to follow his heart and pursue a career in nursing care.

Director of Nursing Delores Focht congratulates Employee of the Month Jacob Anderson

He comes from a large extended family now living in the Seattle area. In his spare time, he visits his retired parents.

He enjoys all sports – playing basketball, football and baseball (his favorite). He says he’d also like to try hockey.

Jacob enjoys working at Maryville because “the staff makes it fun and the residents add to it.” He adds, “Maryville has a way of getting things done in a timely and efficient manner that’s best for the residents.”

He says he is “always willing to help if I can.” His colleagues agree. So do Maryville residents.

Congratulations to Jacob Anderson – Maryville Employee of the Month!

Video bonus: Watch as Director of Nursing Delores Focht surprises Jacob Anderson with the news that he is Employee of the Month.


May 2014 Employee of the Month: Yeimi Hurtado

Yeimi Hurtado, Maryville Employee of the Month

Yeimi Hurtado was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. She came to the United States in 2002 and later graduated from Glencoe High School in Hillsboro.

Yeimi came to Maryville in April 2012 to work as a caregiver at Maryville Memory Care (MMC). Yeimi has been an outstanding caregiver in nearly every way imaginable. First and foremost, she is kind to the residents and staff. Her caring approach can be seen in any interaction; whether gently washing the mouth of a resident who has just eaten or comforting a resident who is worried.

Yeimi pays great attention to detail, which is vital in her role when passing medications or reviewing care plan information. Yeimi is also a hard worker who does not shy away from difficult tasks and she does this with a smile on her face. Finally, Yeimi is creative in her problem solving and approaches with residents, which is an important skill when caring for those with memory loss.

Yeimi says she enjoys working at Maryville because of the residents whom she cares for and the supportive team at MMC .

Yeimi and her husband, Daniel, have one son, Dylan, who is four years old. Yeimi enjoys spending time with her family, taking Dylan to the park and reading books with him.  Yeimi is a great dancer and enjoys the hitting the dance floor to Salsa on occasion.

Congratulations,Yeimi! Thank you for providing such wonderful “Service with Love”!


April 2014 Employee of the Month: Emily Becker

Maryville Employee of the Month Emily Becker

Emily Becker started working at Maryville Nursing Home in September 2011.  She was hired in the Dietary Department as a dishwasher/diet aide, working part-time after school and on weekends.

Emily is a very bright and energetic person who enjoys a challenge.  Over the last 2 ½ years, she has worked hard to learn the different roles in the department.

She has trained to work in the dining room, in the dietary office, as the baker and, most recently, as relief cook on the evening shift, working mostly on weekends.

After high school, Emily enrolled in Portland Community College for one year before transferring to Portland State University (PSU), where she is currently in her junior year.  Emily is majoring in micro/molecular biology. Her career goal is to become a medical lab scientist.  She wants to work as much as possible this summer to help fund her goal of getting into the clinical laboratory science program at the Oregon Institute of Technology.

Emily has one sister and two brothers.  At home, she loves to cook and bake. That love shines in her work at Maryville. Emily enjoys crocheting, reading & playing the violin.  And it’s not surprising that, given her culinary skills, she also “loves dessert.”

You will recognize Emily if you see a flash in the hall; we think she may secretly be an Olympic speedwalker.

Thank you, Emily, for your outstanding work here at Maryville. You truly provide Service with Love!


March 2014 Employee of the Month: Jacey Rhodes

Resident Care Manager (RCM) Shalane Free (left) and Assistant Administrator Michael Kilbury (right) congratulate March 2014 Employee of the Month Jacey Rhodes.

Jacey Rhodes, a charge nurse at Maryville, has been honored as March 2014 Employee of the Month.

Charge nurses supervise and support a nursing staff while also treating a limited number of patients. Charge nurses are responsible for maintaining a high level of patient care. They evaluate and act as an educational resource for other nurses.

After dabbling in finance and dental hygiene, Jacey earned a nursing degree from Lower Columbia College in her hometown of Longview, Wash.  Jacey came to Maryville in December 2012.

When asked about why she chose nursing, Jacey responded that it was the area that most interested her and that she “likes to help people.”  This sentiment is evident in her day-to-day practice.  Jacey likes taking care of the residents she works with and this keeps her coming back every day.  She also likes working for Maryville because it is “family-oriented.”

Jacey has a family of her own to take care of at home, which consists of her husband of two years, Adam, and their two Golden Retriever mixes who accompany them on their outdoor excursions. Jacey enjoys being outside and loves clamming and fishing.

At Maryville, Jacey gets along well with her nursing team and is loved by those residents she serves.

More photos from the Employee of the Month announcement are available on our Flickr site.

Congratulations to Jacey Rhodes: Maryville’s Employee of the Month for March 2014!

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