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April 2014 Employee of the Month: Emily Becker

Maryville Employee of the Month Emily Becker

Emily Becker started working at Maryville Nursing Home in September 2011.  She was hired in the Dietary Department as a dishwasher/diet aide, working part-time after school and on weekends.

Emily is a very bright and energetic person who enjoys a challenge.  Over the last 2 ½ years, she has worked hard to learn the different roles in the department.

She has trained to work in the dining room, in the dietary office, as the baker and, most recently, as relief cook on the evening shift, working mostly on weekends.

After high school, Emily enrolled in Portland Community College for one year before transferring to Portland State University (PSU), where she is currently in her junior year.  Emily is majoring in micro/molecular biology. Her career goal is to become a medical lab scientist.  She wants to work as much as possible this summer to help fund her goal of getting into the clinical laboratory science program at the Oregon Institute of Technology.

Emily has one sister and two brothers.  At home, she loves to cook and bake. That love shines in her work at Maryville. Emily enjoys crocheting, reading & playing the violin.  And it’s not surprising that, given her culinary skills, she also “loves dessert.”

You will recognize Emily if you see a flash in the hall; we think she may secretly be an Olympic speedwalker.

Thank you, Emily, for your outstanding work here at Maryville. You truly provide Service with Love!


March 2014 Employee of the Month: Jacey Rhodes

Resident Care Manager (RCM) Shalane Free (left) and Assistant Administrator Michael Kilbury (right) congratulate March 2014 Employee of the Month Jacey Rhodes.

Jacey Rhodes, a charge nurse at Maryville, has been honored as March 2014 Employee of the Month.

Charge nurses supervise and support a nursing staff while also treating a limited number of patients. Charge nurses are responsible for maintaining a high level of patient care. They evaluate and act as an educational resource for other nurses.

After dabbling in finance and dental hygiene, Jacey earned a nursing degree from Lower Columbia College in her hometown of Longview, Wash.  Jacey came to Maryville in December 2012.

When asked about why she chose nursing, Jacey responded that it was the area that most interested her and that she “likes to help people.”  This sentiment is evident in her day-to-day practice.  Jacey likes taking care of the residents she works with and this keeps her coming back every day.  She also likes working for Maryville because it is “family-oriented.”

Jacey has a family of her own to take care of at home, which consists of her husband of two years, Adam, and their two Golden Retriever mixes who accompany them on their outdoor excursions. Jacey enjoys being outside and loves clamming and fishing.

At Maryville, Jacey gets along well with her nursing team and is loved by those residents she serves.

More photos from the Employee of the Month announcement are available on our Flickr site.

Congratulations to Jacey Rhodes: Maryville’s Employee of the Month for March 2014!


February 2014 Employee of the Month: Fabiola Rios

Fabiola Rios - Maryville Employee of the Month - February 2014

Congratulations to Fabiola Rios on being selected as Maryville’s Employee of the Month for February 2014!

Fabiola Rios was born in Chihuahua, Mexico.  She came to the United States in 1991.  In 1998, she moved to Oregon. She joined the staff at Maryville in 2000, working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

She stayed in her role as a CNA for three years until she was approached by Sr. Geraldine, who was the administrator of Maryville at the time, about becoming a Certified Medication Aide (CMA).  At the time Fabiola was pregnant with her youngest child. Sr. Geraldine assisted with getting her soon-to-arrive daughter, Kiara, on the waiting list for Little Flower Development Center, known today as Valley Catholic Early Learning School.

Fabiola says she likes “everything” about working at Maryville: the residents and her co-workers. When not at work, she enjoys reading mysteries and watching classic movies.

Fabiola is a nurse in her Mexico. She is also a licensed contractor.  She and husband Victor have been married for 22 years and have 3 children; Pablo (21), Tania (18) and Kiara (10).

Thank you, Fabiola, for the outstanding work you do at Maryville and for your Service with Love!



December Employee of the Month: Naomi Tanner

December 2013 Employee of the Month: Naomi Tanner

Naomi Tanner came to work at Maryville in September of 2008.

Born in Roseburg, she is a native Oregonian with three sisters and two brothers and “lots of nieces and nephews.”

Naomi has earned a certificate in massage therapy and has been licensed as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for more than five years.

She enjoys her role as a CNA because of the interaction with those who live here and the fact that she is making a difference in their lives.

When she is not at work, Naomi enjoys sewing and quilting and doing “crafty stuff.”

During this holiday season, Naomi will be hosting Christmas for her family.

Thank you, Naomi, for your hard work and dedication to those who live here.

We congratulate you for being selected as the December Employee of the Month!


November Employee of the Month: Isaiah Maina

November 2013 Employee of the Month: Isaiah Maina

Isaiah Maina moved from Kenya to the United States in December 2008. In Kenya, Isaiah worked as an elementary school teacher, educating students in the sciences, math and religion.

In 2009, he came to Maryville to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Isaiah worked the night shift as a CNA for approximately two years prior to becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Isaiah is called to care for people. Even before becoming a teacher in Kenya, he hoped to become a nurse. It was not until his move to the United States that he was able to fulfill this goal.

He enjoys working at Maryville for multiple reasons; meeting the needs of his residents brings him happiness and he knows that just listening to them can be meaningful. In Kenya, he spent many days in Catholic communities. Maryville, he has said,  feels like “home far away from home.”

When he is not working, Isaiah enjoys spending time with his wife, Mercy, and their three children, all under the age of 6.  Coworkers comment on Isaiah’s calm demeanor and the genuine kindness he gives to all he comes into contact with.

Thank you, Isaiah, for the outstanding work you do at Maryville and for your Service with Love!


October Employee of the Month: Carmela Klingenberg

October 2013 Employee of the Month: Carmela Klingenberg

Carmela came to the United States in 2010.  She was born and previously lived in the Philippines, where she obtained her nursing degree.  She came to Maryville in June of 2012 and currently works as a certified nursing aide.  She and her husband of three years live together with plans to have children some day.

She enjoys working at Maryville because of the wonderful residents whom she cares for and the staff that she works with.  She hopes to obtain her nursing degree here in the U.S. and some day work as a nurse in the ICU.  She loves photography and especially enjoys taking pictures of people’s expressions as well as travel photography.  Those who work with her describe her as “humble” although she may describe herself as a “goofball.”

Thank you Carmela for the outstanding work you do at Maryville and for your “Service with Love”!


September Employee of the Month: Sunita Sarki

Sunita Sarki, Employee of the Month, September 2013

Sunita came to work at Maryville Memory Care in May of 2012 as a caregiver.  Sunita’s kindness and concern for the residents was immediately evident and visible in her work.

Sunita is a great team player and gets along well with her coworkers, she is also very detail oriented.  Because of her great attention to detail she was trained as a lead caregiver and medication aide.  Sunita is originally from the country of Bhutan and came to the U.S. with her parents in 2008.   She came here to pursue further education with hopes of becoming a dentist someday.  Sunita enjoys playing music and plays guitar for her church.   She enjoys working at Maryville because she likes spending time with elders.

Thank you, Sunita, for your “Service with Love” and congratulations on being selected as Employee of the Month for September!


August Employee of the Month: Yesenia Martinez

Yesenia Martinez, August 2013 Employee of the Month

Yesenia or “Yesi” (pronounced “Jessi”) came to work at Maryville in May of 2005.  She was hired as a dishwasher, but after 2 weeks of working she began training in the other positions in the kitchen such as dietary aide and cook.  She remained a cook for quite some time, but later took over a position to manage the main dining room.

She has most recently helped implement the new computerized traycard system.  If you need to know about how to do something in the kitchen, there is a good chance Yesenia can help you out, and she will!  She is always willing to help others with a genuine heart and smile on her face.

Yesi was born in Tacambaro, Michoacán, Mexico in 1978.  She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers.  She came to the United States when she was 13 years old and attended Glencoe High School in Hillsboro. After High School she worked at Bi-mart & Big 5 Sporting Goods for about 5 years, but then found her work home here at Maryville where she enjoys working with the residents.   She has 3 children, two sons, Christian and Noel, and a daughter, Magali.

If you ask Yesi what she loves about her job, she will tell you; “I love new and exciting things; I love to come up with the ideas to decorate the dining room with the centerpieces.  I always have so much fun on special holidays and occasions in the dining room like Christmas, Mardi Gras & Cinco de Mayo.  I love to make fun things for the residents like Virgin Margaritas or Strawberry Lemonades”.

Her co-workers enjoy working with her because she is always in a good mood and can find solutions to their problems.  Her supervisor will tell you “Yesi loves a party!  She is a great party planner and coordinator and has been instrumental in catering many of the main social functions here at Maryville such as the 50th Birthday/Anniversary and the annual Oak’s Park Picnic.”

Thank you Yesi for all of your hard work, you are appreciated and deserve “Employee of the Month”!


July Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Alejandra Mendoza-Escutia for being selected Employee of the Month for July 2013.  Alejandra works on East Unit as a Certified Med Aide.  She came to Maryville in August of 2010.  The following statement was written by Alejandra.

“My true nature is inspired by my loving parents and grandparents for whom I cared for many years.  They bestowed upon me the values of love, respect, honesty, freedom, health, happiness, and education.  Enforcing my core values is an everyday priority to fulfill my soul and spirit.  I was born to help people and I believe that God has a purpose for me in life.  Maryville has given me the opportunity to improve myself as a human being.  Making a difference everyday in people’s lives is congruent with my nature. I consider Maryville my second family.  I work with the most wonderful people.  My family is my life.  My husband is my soulmate and we both believe that our marriage is the biggest investment in our lives. My two boys, David and Moises, are my two angels.  They know me more than anyone in the world, they are bright and unique”.

Congratulations Alejandra and thank you for your “Service with Love”!


Employee of the month for June

Congratulations to Amber Stewart from Center Unit for being selected Employee of the Month for June 2013.  Amber came to work at Maryville in September 2011 as a CNA.  She is from Portland and has her Bachelors of Science in Biology from PSU.  In the time she has been here, Amber has earned the respect of the team she works with which is evident in her daily interactions with the residents and staff.  Her nursing supervisor states that Amber has great integrity and learns the individual needs of those she cares for which enables her to bring them comfort in stressful times.

Amber says she likes working at Maryville because “it is like a family here and I love the residents, and the core values of the Sisters of St. Mary speak to me”.  In her spare time, Amber enjoys sewing, hiking, and baking.  She will be headed to a nursing program at Mercer College in Atlanta, Georgia in July.  We are excited that Amber is pursuing a career that she clearly excels at; however, we will be sad to see her go.  Thank you for your “Service with Love” Amber!

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